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    Product Description
    We produce a full range of steel pipes such as seamless hot-rolled steel pipes, seamless cold-rolled steel pipes, LSAW steel pipes, spiral submerged arc welded steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, etc., to achieve full pipeline system coverage.Steel pipes have extremely strong compression resistance. After customized design, they can adapt to various intensities of internal and external pressures. They are a good choice for your industrial water extraction and drainage, gas transportation, agricultural irrigation, and construction fire water extraction and drainage.
    It can destroy the casting structure of the steel ingot, refine the grain of the steel, and eliminate the defects of the microstructure, so that the steel structure is dense and the mechanical properties are improved. This improvement is mainly reflected in the rolling direction, so that the steel is no longer isotropic to a certain extent; bubbles, cracks and looseness formed during casting can also be welded under high temperature and pressure. At the same time achieve a larger caliber,The maximum nominal diameter of cold rolled pipe is 200 mm, and the maximum nominal diameter of hot rolled pipe is 600 mm.
    Product Specification
    mmThicnkess of Wall (mm)
    Detailed Pictures
    Factory Processes
    1. Plate inspection: After the steel plate used to manufacture large-diameter submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe enters the production line, the whole plate is first subjected to ultrasonic inspection;
    2. Edge milling: double-sided milling of the two edges of the steel plate by an edge milling machine to achieve the required plate width, plate edge parallelism and bevel shape;
    3. Pre-bending: Use a pre-bending machine to pre-bend the edge of the board, so that the edge of the board has a curvature that meets the requirements;
    4. Forming: First half of the pre-bent steel plate is pressed into a “J” shape on the JCO forming machine through multiple stepping steps, and then the other half of the steel plate is also bent and pressed into a “C” shape, and finally an opening is formed “O” shape
    5. Pre-welding: Join the formed longitudinally welded steel pipes and use gas shielded welding (MAG) for continuous welding;
    6. Internal welding: adopt longitudinal multi-wire submerged arc welding (up to four wires) to weld on the inner side of the straight seam steel pipe;
    7. External welding: use longitudinal multi-wire submerged arc welding to weld on the outside of the longitudinal submerged arc welded steel pipe;
    8. Ultrasonic inspection I: 100% inspection of the inner and outer welds of the longitudinally welded steel pipe and the base materials on both sides of the weld;
    9. X-ray inspection I: 100% X-ray industrial television inspection of the inner and outer welds, using an image processing system to ensure the sensitivity of flaw detection;
    10. Diameter expansion: expand the total length of the submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe to improve the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe and improve the distribution of the internal stress of the steel pipe;
    11. Hydraulic test: The expanded steel pipes are inspected one by one on the hydraulic testing machine to ensure that the steel pipe meets the test pressure required by the standard. The machine has automatic recording and storage functions;
    12. Chamfering: Process the pipe end of the steel pipe that has passed the inspection to meet the required pipe end groove size;
    13. Ultrasonic inspection II: Perform ultrasonic inspection again one by one to check the possible defects of the longitudinally welded steel pipe after diameter expansion and water pressure;
    14. X-ray inspection II: X-ray industrial television inspection and filming of pipe end welds on steel pipes after expansion and hydraulic test;
    15. Tube end magnetic particle inspection: carry out this inspection to find tube end defects;
    16. Anti-corrosion and coating: Qualified steel pipes are anti-corrosion and coating according to user requirements.
    Packaging and Shipping
    Longitudinal Seam Welding Pipeline
    1. Package with 20 ft or 40 ft container, fixing steel pipe in the container with steel cable;
    2. Package in bulk;
    3. Pieces per container depending on the diameter of steel pipes.
    4. According to customers’ requirement.
    Customers and Exhibition
    Q1: Where is your company? How far from the airport?
    We are located at Tianjin, China.
    Q2: What’s your warranty policy?
    REHOME will guarantee the products TWO years since the date of shipment (or leaving from Seller’s factory depends on the terms).
    REHOME also warrantee the products can be used for 50 years.
    Q3: What’s your minimum order quantity?
    Pipes: 200~5000meter/size, depends on different sizes.
    Q4: How about the delivery time?
    The common products we always have the stock, it can be sent out within 30 days.
    While the big order it takes 15 days to finish the production.
    Q5: How to get free samples?
    Send us your address, your telephone number, post code, and express account number to our mail box, and also told us which model of samples you need. Our sales team will contact with you within 24 hours.
    Q6: What are your terms of payment?
    Both the term of T/T and L/C are accepted.LSAW Steel Pipe factory