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    Manufacture of Modified NYLON PA610
    AdvantagesFree sample
    On-time delivery
    Environment friendly
    Can be reinforced with the glass fiber/toughness/flame retardant/UV stabilized
    Competitive price
    High quality
    About InquiryIn order to give you a satisfactory quotation as soon as possible
    and to find materials that are perfectly suited to your products
    please tell us the details:
    1.Virgin or recycled
    2.Injection or extrusion
    3.To make what product
    Product advantages
    鈥?Excellent dimensional stability
    鈥?Bio-based materials account for up to 62%
    鈥?Excellent abrasion resistance
    鈥?Excellent chemical resistance
    鈥?Low hygroscopicity
    Glass fiber has many advantages such as high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation and so on. Is one of the commonly used composite materials. Generally speaking, glass fiber reinforced materials for engineering materials, mostly used in structural components. It can be divided into short glass fiber and long glass fiber (LFT) according to their length. Long fiber reinforcement effect will be better than short fiber.
    The material we developed can improve the tensile strength and bending strength of plastics, increase the thermal deformation temperature, increase the modulus of the material, reduce the shrinkage of the material.
    Application field
    Gear, bearing, Gasket, sealing material, oil storage container, oil pipeline, textile machinery parts, rope, bristle, silver-zinc battery shell, etc.
    PA610 is packed in aluminum-plastic bags. Its net weight is 25kgs per bag (1000kgs per pallet), 600kgs per bag or 750kgs per bag. The packing can be changed by client鈥檚 requirements. It can be transported by truck, train and ship, etc., but must avoid sunlight, rain-drenched, damp, hook, alkali or oxidant. The 2-years period storage should be in ventilating, cool and dry area. This product is a non-dangerous chemical.Polyamide manufacturers